The Henry Design Group’s (formerly Staller & Henry, Inc.) approach to our projects is to focus on people, the environment, and the connection between the two. We incorporate thoughtful design, horticulture, art and science to make memorable and engaging places for people to live, work and play. Instead of imposing our ideas or aesthetics; we listen to our client’s aspirations and goals and look at the individual character of each site to generate design ideas suited to the nature of each project. We are committed to promoting sustainability and environmental stewardship through our design solutions. We are planners and landscape architects dedicated to creating better places to live.In addition to our planning and design capabilities, the Firm is highly competent in coordinating complex project teams and shepherding projects through the review and approval process for jurisdictions of all sizes and have worked with a vast variety of jurisdictions nationwide. The Henry Design Group firmly believes that careful attention to detail and the establishment of a close working relationship with those entities making land use decisions, can expedite approvals and assist in creating high quality products which satisfy the needs of the community. The Firm prides itself on being knowledgeable and flexible enough to respond to the changing demands of a project and to function as a resource for its clients. 

Ms. Henry, the firm’s owner and principal has over 29 years of experience in the landscape architecture and land use planning disciplines. Over the years, our clients have included developers, builders, metro districts and jurisdictions of all sizes. As landscape architects and planners our specialty has been in initial site assessments, community master planning, site planning and site design, the design of parks, trails and open spaces, and community facilities. Our expertise also includes excellence in visual communications through a variety of graphic techniques and working with community stakeholders to gain consensus on proposed plans. 

Since the firm’s inception 1992, we have built a strong practice by partnering with our private and public clients to provide innovative site design, landscape architecture, branding, land planning and land use solutions that create a balance between function and livability. Our goal is to assist in the planning of communities that meet the needs of the residents today and in the future.